The Zine Collection, State Library of Victoria

I got to explore the State Library of Victoria’s zine collection yesterday. I’ve added my photos and comments at the bottom of my (rather long) Secrets of the State Library Victoria storify.

This is a collision of two things that I love: zines and libraries.

Actually, it was a collision of three things that I love: zines, libraries, and going behind the scenes in a public institution. There’s a specific type of magic in peeking behind the curtains. I get genuinely excited to see the dull grey compactuses of the storage rooms.

This is why I’m becoming a librarian.

Speaking of zines, and books, and the creatures that love them: I’ve created a PDF version of my Introducing Booklice¬†zine. Because the world needs to learn about these little cuties.

Download it here: booklice_zine_pdf


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