Ex Libris – the PDF version

I’ve been neglecting this blog while I frantically try to finish off a number of personal projects before I start my studies in February.

One of those projects will be holding a stall at the Festival of the Photocopier 2017 zine fair. I’ve made a brand new zine for this (called TALL SAD GIRL AND SHORT PUNK GIRL ARE FRIENDS), and I’m hoping to have preview copies of my self-published grunge-rock ghost novel The Stray Swans for sale there too.

All of which is an elaborate lead-in to saying: I’ve made a PDF version of Ex Libris, my zine/mini-comic about my life-long love of libraries.

You can download a copy here: ex_libris_a7

Let me know what you think.


About davidwitteveen

IT person. Zine Maker. Level 0 Library Nerd. Doctor Who fan.
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