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The Balancing Act

I found out tonight that an assignment I thought was due in two weeks is actually due in one. I feel like a real uni student now. Continue reading

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OCLC and speeding trains

Tonight I learnt about OCLC, and I think I want to work for them. Continue reading

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Zines, libraries & privacy issues

Some interesting discussion about zines and contextual privacy: a zinemaker might be happy to share their full name in the context of a limited run zine, but less happy to have it on a publically searchable internet catalogue.

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Old Trams and Unexpected Libraries

One day, when I’m rich, I’d like to make a library in an old tram. Becoming rich isn’t the hard part – it’s buying an old tram. Continue reading

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What is a library, the 5 Laws of the Library, and being behind in my studies before I’ve even started…

It’s the first week of my Information Management degree. And I’ve been so sick I had to miss classes.
Continue reading

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