My Writing


I love the intimacy of zines, of telling personal stories in hand-made formats. And I love the immediacy of them — I spent 7 years writing my novel The Stray Swans. By comparison, most of my zines take only a couple of days.

Ghost Music

Ghost Music is my ongoing zine series of miniature ghost stories inspired by songs that I like.


Ghost Music volume 01 – the original zine, back before I knew it would be a series. Features stories inspired by songs from The Mountain Goats, Amanda Palmer, and Charm of Finches. There’s a playlist on YouTube.


Ghost Music volume 02 – features ghost stories inspired by Phoebe Bridges, Holly Herndon and Kaelan Mikla.

Personal Zines


Ex Libris – a zine about my personal history with libraries.


Introducing Booklice – a zine about my favourite insect: the booklouse.


Doctor_Who_zine – a scribbly little zine about being a Doctor Who fan.


nightwalking – a minicomic about walking home at night.



The Stray Swans is a grunge-rock ghosts story set in 1990s Melbourne. Kat and Vee are two lonely teenagers who start a grunge band together. But Cat is haunted by the shadow, a malevolent spirit that wants to devour everything–and everyone–that she loves.

Can she keep Vee safe from the shadow? Is friendship stronger than death?

I self-published this novel in 2017. You can purchase the physical book from, and the e-book version from Smashwords.


Some links to short pieces I posted on my Tumblr, back when I used my Tumblr.

THE LAST BARBARIAN – a story about a bass player and his moustache. Started as a joke mashing up Movember with NaNoWriMo.

BRUSH – a ficlet about hair and painting.

SUCCOUR Fan fiction for the play Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour, which was an adaptation of the Alan Warner novel The Sopranos.