A late #AusLibChat

I missed the last AusLibChat for personal reasons. But I’d actually written out my answers beforehand. Rather than waste my answers, I thought I’d share them here.

The topic was Decoding Selection Criteria. You can read the other responses on Wakelet.

Question 1 – “A high level of digital literacy”. How would you demonstrate this requirement?

A1: Google the definition of digital literacy. Look at the skills listed. Write down work you’ve done that demonstrates those skills. Focus on examples that best show off what you’re capable of: blogs written, research conducted, online training delivered, etc.

Question 2 – “Awareness of emerging trends and issues in librarianship”. What trend/s would you discuss?

A2: Describe a change/improvement you’ve made to take advantage of a trend. List 2-3 key issues you think affect the library & role you’re applying for. Describe how you stay on top of industry trends: journals, conferences, groups.

Question 3 – “Willingness to participate in delivering programs to a broad range of audiences”. How would you describe your willingness for this responsibility?

A3: List the programs you’ve delivered to a broad range of audiences. 🙂  Describe the potential issues (level of technical knowledge, different goals).

Question 4 – “Experience in and knowledge of cataloguing”. How would you address this if you hadn’t previously worked as a cataloguer?

A4: Do some research. Read this: https://www.librarianshipstudies.com/2015/05/cataloging.html and https://publiclibrariesonline.org/2013/06/ten-essential-qualities-for-success-a-new-cataloging-librarians-guide-from-a-supervisers-perspective/ Admit your shortcomings, then list achievements that demonstrate you have the personal qualities of a good cataloguer: attention to detail, following procedures.

Question 5 – “Highly developed oral & written communication skills”. How would you relate this criterion to working in a library?

A5: List your best examples of communication. Have you written reports, documentation, LibGuides? Have you given conference presentations, delivered training, led projects?


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