Zines, libraries & privacy issues

Some interesting discussion about zines and contextual privacy: a zinemaker might be happy to share their full name in the context of a limited run zine, but less happy to have it on a publically searchable internet catalogue.


Zines are usually devoted to specialized and often unconventional subject matter. They are often a vehicle for radical voices. They could be a political zine, a feminist zine, an LGBT zine and so on. They are ephemeral in nature, and often have very small print-runs.

The idea of privacy and trackless searching/use is often a very important principle for infoshops

Not all zine makers want their names listed on the internet

There’s a risk that easy availability of information about zine makers, and those who are interested in their zines could be used to flag people up to the authorities.

There’s a need for searching and using the library with a degree of privacy and untraceability (“rather than give the government fodder to harass them” (Hedtke, 2007 p41)

There are a number of examples of people talking of setting up separate public and private catalogues in order to…

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